Couples Counseling

Even the strongest relationship can experience difficulty from time to time based on the strain of our busy lives. Many strong couples seek therapy to learn more effective ways to communicate, problem solve, and learn relationship self-care skills. When a couple experiences repeated conflicts, hurt feelings, a build up of resentments, broken trust, or one or both feel like the relationship is "stuck", therapy can help both partners work towards improved mutual understanding and goal setting to move forward in a healthy way.

Treatment techniques may include the following:

• Education on the Gottman Method
• Analyzing communication and conflict resolution styles
• Getting to the root of the problem
• Enhancing intimacy
• Referrals to a couples retreat
• Parenting skills training

In my experience, in order for couples counseling to be effective, both partners must still be invested in the relationship. Therefore, it is essential that the couple seek support and guidance early-on when difficulties arise. Please do not wait to agree to participate in therapy until after your partner says, "I'm done." Show your partner that you care about the relationship before it is too late and have faith that you can both make small changes and start to see your relationship improve.

In some instances, a couples therapist may suggest that each partner complete individual therapy work with their own therapist prior to continuing couples therapy. This is often the case when there has been high conflict, infidelity, abuse, or one or more partners is suffering from serious emotional issues.

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