Parenting Skills

As a parent of two kids -- one about to graduate college, and one getting ready to apply to college -- I have personal experience with the ups and downs of parenting. As a therapist, I have over 18 years experience working with parents and guardians in nearly every situation imaginable. I have helped parents seeking to understand their child better, to learn new ways to parent as their child ages, and to come up with plans to handle issues they did not expect. I have helped parents learn how to talk to their kids about difficult things in life -- loss of loved ones, job changes, moves, separations, and divorce. I believe that parents and guardians, regardless of age, gender or number, have the love, the insights, and the creative ideas to build and maintain a wonderful environment for kids. When families experience periods of struggle and high stress, it is my goal to support parents and to help them get in touch with their strengths to make positive changes.

To this end, I work with parents and guardians is teach them new ways to highlight their kids' strengths and qualities of greatness, to find more opportunities to connect and energize the positive bond with their kids, and to be forgiving of parenting mistakes (I know I've needed to forgive myself many times, too). The Nurtured Heart Approach is a wonderful way to accomplish these goals and it has been shown to be highly effective with typical and with more challenging kids as well.

For more information on The Nurtured Heart Approach, please watch this video by Howard Glasser, Ph.D. who developed and fine-tuned this approach over the past 25 years.

8-Minute Video by Howard Glasser -- The Nurtured Heart Approach

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