Communication and Conflict Resolution

Seeking support and skill building to enhance communication, increase mutual understanding, and improve the way we resolve conflicts are very common and valuable goals for individual, couple, or family therapy.  When situations challenge our patience, trigger difficult emotions, or transport us "back in time" where we repeat old habits of ineffective communication or problem solving, therapy can help us to turn things around and develop new responses.

I teach skills to improve insight into our triggers and our reactions, to better understand the perspectives of others, to learn ways to be curious and to listen more effectively, and to decrease emotional reactivity when involved in an exchange with others.

With an open mind, a desire to improve relationships, and a willingness to accept things we might need to change, we can make progress and learn new skills.

The techniques I use are based on the type of relationship: couples, co-parents, parents and children, siblings, and peers, and activities are used to aid in learning and implementation of skills outside of the session.

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